La Crème Platinum Collection

When you thought it couldn’t get better, it just has...
A 6 star product range developed for the connoisseur of desserts, luxurious in taste, presentation and quality, we bring you “The Platinum Collection” the sophisticated dessert range which takes the eating of a dessert to a whole new level. Pettit Fore, Individual portion controlled products, Whole cakes as well as Anglaise based ice cream and Exotic sorbets all made by chefs for chefs.

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Coming Soon

Coming soon a fantastic new range of Brazilian Sweet and Savoury Products: Brigadeiros (Chocolate Caramel Truffles) Beijinhos (Coconut Caramel Truffles), Bolo Mousse de Maracuya- Passionfruit mousse cake), Quindin (Coconut Flans), Pão de Queijo (Cheese bread- Gluten free) and Pastels (Pocket filled fried pastry snacks)